Living room is usually the center of the house. A place where we the family rests and were we host our guests. We want it to suit us, our lifestyle and our sense of aesthetics. The most important element of this interior is the upholstery furniture. When choosing them, because of their function, we should pay attention to their comfort. However, design is equally important – corner, sofa or armchair are also supposed to decorate the interior. Looking a tour furniture should be an everyday pleasure. Another extremely important feature is quality. After all, we want the furniture to serve us best, for a very long time.

By choosing Bizzarto, you can be sure that you are choosing a furniture manufacturer whose priorities are world-class design, top quality and comfort. In the proces of creating our collections, we cooperate with designers who share the same values with us.
Bizzarto upholstered furniture is 100% handmade, using the best components, by experienced and highly skilled upholsterers, real specialists in their field.
We use only the best components – highly flexible foams, memory foam. The main property of these foams is their perfect fit to the surface they come into contact with. Thanks to this, the seat of our furniture adjusts to us, guaranteeing fantastic comfort. In addition, it is a material that is pleasantly pressurized while retaining its resistance to permanent deformation. We also use natural feathers and silicone filling. The result is absolutely exceptional comfort of our sofas. This allows us to say that Bizzarto’s furniture is real leisure furniture.
We want to provide you the highest quality, that is why we cooperate with the world’s best manufacturers of upholstery materials. Thanks to this, we can offer a very wide range of fabric designs – plain and patterned, with less and more distinct weave, velours, jacquards, braids, in hundreds of colours and shades. Including many proposals that are extremely easy to care for – all you need is water to clean them. It is very convenient when there are small children at home or when our pets like to nap on furniture. We also have upholstery fabrics made of 100% natural fibres.
Bizzarto offers sofas, sofas, armchairs and corner sofas in various sizes and forms. We think of both small apartment owners and spacious houses. Most of our collections are modular – the configuration of the furniture can be freely composed from the elements of the collection, adjusting the dimensions of the set to individual expectations and the size of the interior. Sofas and corner sofas can have any number of seats. Moreover, the seats of the selected sets have different widths or depths. This gives you virtually unlimited creative possibilities! The arrangement can be supplemented with pouffees and armchairs from the same collection or from others, combining models with different look.
Bizzarto furniture also offers a variety of amenities. The sleeping function allows you to turn a sofa or corner sofa into a comfortable bed. Bedding containers – spacious, roomy, easy to keep linen in order. Recliners with electric, precise control mechanism allow you to adjust the position of the backrest and footrest, enhancing the comfort of relaxation. Likewise, movable headrests. And thanks to an induction charger or usb slot, which can be installed in the side panels, we can indulge in the pleasure of using mobile devices while relaxing.
Many of us cannot imagine a living room, but also a bedroom, hallway or study without a comfortable armchair or a soft hocker or (what a guilty pleasure) both of them. The Bizzarto offer includes many comfortable and designer models that will fill your interior with a unique style. No matter if they are matching the design of the collection or have a completely different look. The combination of furniture with various designs in one room makes the arrangements look more interesting, original, fresh and modern.
Comfortable, functional sofas are a classic among lounge furniture. The ones available in our offer have not only a timeless and original design, but also useful conveniences. Sleeping functions, adjustable backrests, movable headrests. Familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the collection that suits you best.