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Inspired by the world, people and nature, we have been designing and creating positive emotions of our clients for over 15 years already.

By offering the highest quality of comfortable relaxation and endless pleasure of owning beautiful objects. So that you can celebrate everyday life every day.

We are a company where, although it is not small, everyone knows each other by name. Most of us have been working in it for many years, or from the very beginning. Still with the same commitment, resulting from the awareness of our high qualifications and skills resulting from many years of experience. And also from the pleasure of participating in creating beauty. Each of the collections we introduce is exactly what we would like to have in our homes.

Our collections are the result of cooperation with the best polish designers. We make sure that they are original, but also timelessly elegant and delightfully comfortable. So that they captivate you with their functionality. For this purpose, their creation is supervised by specialists from the Development, Technology and Modeling Departments.

Bizzarto sofas are created entirely by hand. With great care, attention and care. Especially for you by employees with special skills and many years of practice. We use only the highest quality materials. Because we want our sofas to please you for many years. Therefore, before it reaches your home, each module is carefully inspected and tested by meticulous inspectors from the Quality Department. Only after their approval, it can be handed over to the men from the Transport Department, who will deliver, configure and place the sofa in your living room. Exactly as you want and where you indicate.

Bizzarto = quality. In each and every way. That’s why we decided to add the letter “Q” to our logo, from the word Quality. Confident of the durability of our products, we have also extended the warranty period by an additional year beyond the standard. Nothing will disturb your pleasure and peace.


Design Network -

Design Network

We are pleased to announce that we have become co-organizers of Design Network – a new, cyclical event for interior designers, organized by HomeSweetHome agency. It is a unique event,
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Beautiful Manhattan in a beautiful home

See how the Manhattan collection looks in a real, beautifully designed interior. The whole adapted to the lifestyle of the family.
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Salon meblowy Katowice - Showroom Bizzarto

New opening Katowice Bizzarto Flagship store

We are very happy to announce the opening of the new Bizzarto Flagship store in the heart of Katowice! The inauguration of our furniture store in Home Concept Design Park
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