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Choco 1000x667 NEW EN



What do you associate this lounge furniture with? To us unambiguously with chocolates, hence their appetizing name. Enjoying them is as much fun as savoring this sweet treat. Nice to see their "different from others" form. They are comfortable, deep, and appropriately soft. Fantastically spacious, so they will feel best in large interiors.

Bizzarto furniture - fabrics from worlds best's suppliers
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Bizzarto furniture - handmade
Bizzarto - all furnitures designed for bizzarto

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It is a collection for people who appreciate original design and unconventional interior decorations. You can create sofas and corner sofas from elements included in the Choco collection. You can finish them with bacon, or leave them open. Two types of poufs increase the number of arrangement possibilities. The combinations are not permanent, so you can freely rearrange the interior whenever you feel like it.

Seat depth can be adjusted by simply moving the backrest. When the backrest is retracted, we obtain a depth close to that of a chaise longue. This will appeal to both taller and shorter users.