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Moon 3 500x700


Round coffee tables, available in two versions and different sizes

The white benches have a marble pattern that will be arranged slightly differently on each table top – they are made of sintered fabric*.

Uniformly black, with a texture that refers to the slate, they are made of HPL** sheets.

In both cases very resistant to damage and discoloration, also caused by high temperatures. Nevertheless, we recommend always to use washers for hot dishes in case.

The edges of the benches and their legs are made of black powder-coated steel.

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* Quartz sinter is a finishing material that is characterized by a very high hardness and resistance to mechanical damage. These properties, combined with the high aesthetic properties of sinter, make it a material commonly chosen as a more durable alternative to natural stone. Unlike natural stone, quartz sinter has a homogeneous structure without pores, so that dirt does not penetrate deep into the material and is easy to remove. Quartz sinters are produced on the basis of quartz and admixtures of different types of highly crushed natural rock. Temperatures up to 12 000C produce a uniform material with an attractive look and very good operating properties.  It doesn’t require any special care or impregnation, which makes it easier to keep your worktops clean.


**HPL is the most durable material for furniture construction and interior design. It consists mostly (approximately 70%) of the natural raw material wood (paper), impregnated with thermoset resins and bonded to the presses by the high-pressure process. This results in a physiologically harmless product with excellent functional properties. Extremely resistant to mechanical damage: scratches, abrasion, shocks, shocks as well as temperature peaks, moisture, sun rays. HPL plates are characterized by easy cleaning and sterility. They are resistant to water, water vapour and UV rays and are characterized by a high chemical resistance.