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About us

Sofa Zen

Our story

Our brand was born out of love for design. Yes, we know how that sounds. But it’s true. Bizzarto upholstered furniture collections are created by a team that truly loves their work. We are convinced that this passion can be seen in the furniture we offer you. In shapes of sofas, corner sofas, armchairs, their comfort, proposed solutions. We create furniture that we would like to have ourselves, and on which we would like to rest. First, the appearance. Firstly, because the appearance of the furniture is what we all look at first. A corner sofa or a sofa has to appeal to us so that we want to sit on it, so that we are interested in it. This is why we attach great importance to design. We follow trends, but we also listen to what our clients say. We add a Bizzarto scratch to the whole thing. The result is collections of lounge furniture, among the variety of which almost everyone will find their favorite. We make sure to create designs that never go out of style. With whom you will want to live for years, all the time giving them affection.

Secondly – convenience. What use is a piece of furniture that looks beautiful but is difficult to sit on? Let alone rest. Our philosophy is to offer you convenience. Therefore, our Design and Technology Department, while designing new collections, spends a lot of time on proper profiling of backrests, choosing the right components of seats and backrests, finding interesting solutions improving functionality and the sense of comfort. We care about the higher ones, that is why our offer includes collections with deeper seats. We remember about the lower ones – hence the proposals of furniture with adjustable seat depth. If you want to find a suggestion for yourself, just sit back and relax.

Third is functionality. Most Bizzarto collections are modular. Each collection includes multiple pieces of varying sizes. This means that they can be used to create combinations – corners, sofas – with sizes and shapes tailored to the needs and requirements of the family, the lifestyle of the household members, and also to the size of the rooms where the furniture is to be placed. There are collections that have a sleeping function and containers for bedding, as well as those that only have a resting function.

OUTDOOR collections (outdoor, garden, terrace. . . ) All upholstered leisure furniture OUTDOOR from our offer is made in a technology that makes it possible to stand it outside all year long.  The construction of the furniture and components used in its production make it resistant to weather conditions – rain, snow, UV rays, high and low temperatures. The fabrics for these collections we have exclusively from the world’s best companies, specializing in the production of fabrics for outdoor use. In addition to their attractive appearance and high durability, they are very easy to clean – dirt does not penetrate into the fabric, so all you need to wash them is water.
Notwithstanding all the advantages that make our collections last 365 days in the garden, they are also perfect for interiors. Their design and the comfort they offer make them a beautiful addition to any modern living room or conservatory, for example.


Grynasz Studio


Grynasz Studio founded by Marta Niemywska-Grynasz and Dawid Grynasz, Grynasz Studio are a team of designers specialising in furniture and product design, and work with companies on building design strategy. Keen to experiment with new materials and technologies, Grynasz Studio also draw extensively on Poland’s arts and crafts tradition. Their work has won multiple awards at international exhibitions, including iSaloni Milan, Maison Object Paris and Tokyo Design Week.



“Oyster Studio. We are interested in life, changes, processes, global social phenomena, trends in popular culture and permanence of local traditions. We try to find beauty also in everyday life and simple objects. We combine and blend inspirations to extract their essence. We love simple, synthetic solutions. Our studio designed GOA, WAVE, MIST and NOTE collections of furniture for Bizzarto.”

Wojciech Barański

Michalina Misiorny

Michalina Misiorny

“For me, the essence of design is to find a balance between the beauty and usefulness of the form. As a designer, I am constantly on the move. I observe the world and open myself to the people I meet, listen to them and exchange views. I want to get to the heart of the matter and discover what makes you want to live a better life. My aim is to contribute to the creation of objects that bring joy, comfort and satisfaction. I attach great significance to being in harmony with nature and I realize the importance of ecology. When designing, I search for the best eco-friendly solutions. Striking a balance with the environment is my greatest challenge.”

Michalina Misiorny