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Mist - Meble do salonu - kolekcja nowoczesnych tapicerowanych mebli modułowych z gazetownikiem i ładowarką indukcyjną


  • We have 30 years experience in manufacturing furniture.
  • We have been furnishing interiors for 20 years. Big hotels and small guesthouses. Offices and embassies. Home and abroad.
  • All our products are manufactured in Poland and components are from Poland and UE countries. Interior furnishings are manufactured for us by a few factories.


We provide furniture and furnishings for:
  • Rooms, apartments, homes
  • Restaurants, canteens, bars
  • Reception areas, halls, lobbies.
As designed by you or by ourselves.

Waiting Areas
Fotel tapicerowany Soho z dodatkowym podnóżkiem.


  • Selection of finishing materials – we offer both solid wood and veneered furniture (natural or laminate),
  • Selection of upholstery and furniture colors and patterns,
  • Product adaptation to specific needs,
  • Made-to-measure furniture,
  • Solutions for special orders,
  • Designer’s cooperation and support.


Some examples of selected implementation options are presented below. We are ready for more challenges.

  • Como - living room furniture - modern modular sectional
    Hotel lobby
  • Hotel Rooms & Apartmnents
    Hotel Rooms and Apartments
  • Hotel Rooms & Apartmnents
    Hotel Rooms and Apartments
  • Fotel tapicerowany Soho z dodatkowym podnóżkiem.
    Hotel Rooms and Apartments
  • Hotel lobby
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Waiting Areas
    Waiting Areas
  • Waiting Areas - Rock Collection
    Waiting Areas
  • Waiting Areas - Roll Collection
    Waiting Areas


For outdoor areas we offer upholstered furniture, which looks and provides the same comfort as furniture for living rooms, but thanks to the unique technology can stand outside all year round. Regardless of the weather conditions, also in winter, as our outdoor collections can withstand temperatures down to -23 degrees of Celsjus.
They have antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mould protection. It is very easy to keep them clean.
Available in wide rangre of designs and dimensions in variety of colours and materials from the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor materials.

  • Outdoor restaurants
  • Patio and Spa areas


In Poland

  • Dom Poselski Sejmu RP,
  • Hotel „Faust” w Krakowie, 
  • „Villa Ramzes” w Gdańsku, 
  • Hotel „Kaliski” w Poznaniu, 
  • Villa Maritima” w Grzybowie, 
  • Hotel „Moderno” w Poznaniu, 
  • Hotel „Złote Dęby” w Warszawie, 
  • Apartamenty Magnolia w Warszawie,
  • „DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel” w Łodzi,
  • „Apartamenty nad Morzem” w Gdańsku,
  • Gościniec „Orbaś” w Dobrzyniu nad Wisłą,
  • Apartamenty i Recepcje Baltic w Kołobrzegu, 
  • Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA we Wrocławiu,
  • Dom wypoczynkowy „Kaja” w Świeradowie Zdroju,
  • Centrum Zdrowia i Relaksu „Verano” w
  • Kołobrzegu,
  • Apartamenty „Norweska Dolina” w Szklarskiej Porębie.


  • „Internationale Handelsagentur Steinfulgen 20”
  • Lambrechtshagen (Niemcy)
  • Ośrodek wypoczynkowy „Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya” w St. Petersburgu (Rosja)
  • Osiedle domów wakacyjnych „Buitenhof de Leistert” (Holandia)
  • Osiedle domów wakacyjnych „Klein Vaarwater” (Holandia)
  • Wille wakacyjne „Domaine de Lanzac” w Lanzac (Francja)
  • Hotel „Arena Hotel Steinmattli” w Adelboden (Szwajcaria)
  • Ośrodek wypoczynkowy „Marina” Lipno  (Czechy)
  • Apartamenty „Kitz Residenz” w Kaprun (Austria)
  • Apartamenty „Laijola” w Gaschurn (Austria)
  • Ambasada RP w Kopenhadze (Dania)
  • Hotel „Ramada” w Kijowie (Ukraina)

3D models