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Tapicerowana sofa Mood od Bizzarto


living room furniture

Classically harmonious shapes guarantee the immortal charm of this collection. The elegant simplicity is timeless and the exclusivity is accentuated by the thoughtful details the characteristic seams, the wooden strip on the threshold and the shelf on the chaise longue.

The collection is modular so that the size and shape of the sofa or corner sofas can be adapted to the family’s expectations and also to the size of the living room. This is also facilitated by modules with different seat widths. From them you can build a very spacious set as well as smaller layouts. In addition to the standard configurations, less typical versions can be created with specially designed poufs.

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We wanted Mood to get its users in the right mood, so we designed it as a real “lazy person. The seats are deep, so you can rest on them as you like best. For those who like extra pillows, they are available (as an option) in two different shapes and sizes.

Another advantage is the particularly high level of comfort, which is ensured by the own combination of different types of feathers and highly elastic foams used in the seating area, as well as a mix of down and feathers in the back cushions. We offer allergy sufferers an alternative filling with antiallergic silicone fluff.

The wooden elements are made of oak in the color natural and black colored, of your choice.



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