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Aspen - meble do salonu Bizzarto



If you are looking for an elegant and fabulously comfortable collection of sofas and armchairs, Aspen is the answer. Pleasant curves of the sides, soft cushions, originally finished chair legs - these are the characteristic details of this collection.

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The sofas are available in three sizes and two finishes - with two or multiple back cushions. You can use both versions of sofas in one arrangement to create an original effect. The additional side cushions will especially appeal to those who like to "curl up" on the couch, and those looking for special comfort. It is also provided by a quilt found on the seat of sofas and armchairs. It's filled with feathers. On request we can replace the feathers with an equally pleasantly soft silicone fluff.

The 2.5 and 2-seater sofas have a sleeping function with a comfortable mattress.

Neat, small pouffes look good both in the company of sofas and armchairs.


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