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Meble do salonu - Mist


living room furniture

Mist is an extremely interesting form. It combines the asymmetry with the soft roundness of shapes. With no doubt, this is a collection that will play the main role in every living room. Its uniqueness can be even turned up by dressing it’s upholstery materials in various colors. Nevertheless it looks perfect also in monochromatic textiles.

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Take a look at the container - it’s available as an option with an induction charger and/or a lamp. You can hide blankets, newspapers or remote controls in it. It’s up to you and your needs.

The modules of the collection are available in various sizes and can be freely combined. They are not permanently connected to each other so you can change their arrangement any time. Each of the elements can also stand independently. With the Mist collection a lot depends on your imagination.

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