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Sofa Zen - Must Have



Zen is all about harmony, tasteful design and functionality. Thanks to the various widths of the elements, you can adapt the size of the configuration to your needs. Although the pieces have different finishes - they are available with and without headrests, the same goes for the relax function - they can be freely combined with each other. The mechanism of this function allows smooth adjustment of the backrest's tilt. The position of the headrest is controlled independently. As a result, you can relax exactly as you like.

The decorative Zen legs, as well as the handy tube that makes the collection more attractive, can be made of metal or wood, in many colors to choose from.

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ZEN collection was designed for Bizzarto by Grynasz Studio. This is how the designers talk about the inspiration for the ZEN collection:

"Harmony, relaxation, being here and now, comfort - when looking for the perfect form for the ZEN collection we were inspired by the Japanese philosophy of working on an object, where shape is closely related to its function. Minimalist and harmonious body is enriched by a linear drawing of details that can be made of metal or wood. Each element corresponds with other and creates a story about the object and its user. The ZEN collection allows for an unlimited number of compositions. From an armchair and small sofa, it can be expanded into a multi-functional piece of furniture, complete with a fold-out relaxation mechanism, tables and organizers. This collection can dynamically change with the user's needs. With its lift-up headrests, it can be a comfortable base for hours of movie marathons, serve as a home-office work zone with a practical table and organizer, or be a favorite piece of furniture for relaxing and resting. "

Grynasz Studio, founded by Marta Niemywska-Grynasz and Dawid Grynasz, is a team of designers who specialize in furniture and product design, as well as working with companies to create design strategies. Designers experimenting with new materials and technologies are eager to reach for Polish craftsmanship and tradition. Grynasz Studio's designs have been awarded many times and presented at international exhibitions, among others at iSaloni Milan, Maison Object in Paris or Tokyo Design Week.




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