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Rock - living room furniture - modern modular sectional with sleeping function


Living room furniture

Elegant combination of a pinch of classic and a modern design. What’s the effect of this approach? An elegant Rock collection that fits perfectly in stylistically diverse interiors. Not only is it an ideal solution for a living room, it will also look outstanding in a home office or a guest room. When designing your interior, you can set up a standard arrangement of a sofa and two armchairs, but the result will be equally interesting and comfortable if the armchairs are skipped and two sofas are used instead. Trust us, it will Rock your interior ;)

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Down below you can notice how brilliantly unfoldable this sofa is. You can adjust it perfectly to your needs in an easy, comfortable way. What’s interesting, you can tilt each backrest independently or together - it’s up to you and the person you’re sharing the sofa with.


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