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Acapulco - modern living room furniture - modular sectional sofa


living room furniture

Acapulco is a collection for individualists who value comfort and good design. It has a very original form and looks perfect located centrally  in the living room where you can see it from all sides, with all the nuances of shapes - rounded sides, a curved backrest and high legs which add lightness to the whole. It is definitely worth giving adequate space to allow its charm to fully develop and be admired.

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Acapulco is a modular collection of upholstered furniture. It allows you to create a variety of combinations - sofas with any number of seats and corners of the shape and size adapted to the dimensions of the interior. That’s why you can adjust the configuration to the expectations and requirements of the whole family. In smaller rooms you can use a combination of elements that creates a 2- or 3-seater sofa. What’s more you can use modules without side panels - that saves space. But Acapulco looks extremely beautifully as a large corner sofa and is perfect for spacious interiors.

The elements of set-ups are not permanently connected with each other, so the setting can be changed at any time. That’s how the corner sofa visible in the photo can be simply rearranged into e.g. two "armchairs" and an independent chaise longue, or a 2-seater sofa and a chaise longue. It is convenient when, for example, planning a meeting with friends.

Details matter as much as the rest! The wide side panels aren’t permanently attached to the sofa, so they can be moved and even taken off. So you can turn the sides into poufs - an additional place to sit on. Such pieces placed on the floor can also be moved closer to the seat to comfortably rest your legs on it. What a comfort!



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