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When designing this collection, we planned that it will have a lot of elements that can be freely configured. We wanted it to fit equally well in small apartments and large interiors. Its functionality and the high comfort of rest it was supposed to offer were important to us. We also wanted it to be visually attractive. We can safely say that the mission was a success. The abundance of solids makes it possible to create combinations of any shape - sofas and corner units. You can choose from three seat widths, so no matter how big your house or apartment is, you're sure to find a Swing layout that suits you.

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Swing is rich in solutions that increase the comfort of rest. The electrically controlled relaxation function allows you to adjust the tilt of the backrest, footrest and headrest to the desired level. Each member of the household can choose their favorite position on the furniture. The sleeping function mechanism is very easy to unfold. It will allow both announced and unannounced guests to sleep comfortably. Containers located in chaise longues and selected pouffes will provide additional storage for bedding and various trinkets.

Take note of the variety of poufs. There are some in this collection that can be placed between other pieces, others serve to complete the juxtaposition. In both cases they add lightness and originality to the configuration. There are also freestanding poufs for special tasks. They can serve as a footstool or an independent seating area, not only in the living room.



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