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meble do salonu - fotel Viva


living room furniture

This charming small armchair can be easily associated with a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, and a good book, especially when placed side by side with a pouffe from the same collection. Or when paired with an interesting movie. Mmmmm… Viva can be matched with various collections from our portfolio, both the ones characterised by simple shapes (e.g. Trivio, Genesis or Arezzo) and ones with a more distinct character (e.g. Valentino). It looks excellent both in uniform colour finishing and in patterned materials.

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Viva can be combined with various collections, both simple in shape, e. g. Trivio, Genesis or Arezzo from our offer, and more expressive, e. g. Valentino. It looks beautiful in materials of uniform colour, but also perfect in patterned fabrics.

Viva is also available in a rocking version.