Benz collection


There are collections that will always generate admiration. Benz is one of them. Its simple, timeless form will never get boring, and will remain elegant forever. When used as an element of home interior design, it never looks heavy, thanks to its low backrest. Individual collection items do not need to be permanently connected, and in that case they can be set apart or repositioned as needed.

Benz – Elements of the collection


ELE-1 – 1-seater, no side panels
ELE-1-BL – 1-seater, left side panel
ELE-1-BP – 1-seater, right side panel
ELE-SZL-BL – Element – chaise longue, left side panel
ELE-SZL-BP – Element – chaise longue, right side panel
ELE-P – Tuffet

Benz – Exemplary set-ups


ELE-1 – 1-seater, no side panels
ELE-1-BL – 1-seater, left side panel
ELE-1-BP – 1-seater, right side panel
ELE-SZL-BL – Element – chaise longue, left side panel