Łodz Design Festival

I am very pleased to announce that you have received a must have 2022 for the ZEN Collection.

The product has been recognized by an expert council composed this year by Anna Grużewska, Dominika Olszyna, Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc, Magda Świa & Paweł Rafa, Agnieszka Polkowska, Hanna Rydlewska, Agata Szydłowska, Diana Nachila, Michał Mazur, Iwona Ławecka-Marczewska, Monika and Tomasz Pągowscy, Katarzyna Książopolska, Szymon Hanczar, Kamil Białas, Zbigniew Mamyków and Michał Piernikowski.

Must Have is a plebiscite that has been organised by the Łódź Design Festival since 2011 and honors the best Polish implementations by Polish designers and manufacturers. must have is the most recognized and independent seal of quality awarded every year to the best Polish products.

It was founded to spread good Polish design and thus promote local companies and designers. must have is a unique consumer recommendation and the most media-efficient event in Polish design.

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