Our brand was born out of love for design. Yes, we know what it sounds like. But it is true. Bizzarto’s collections are developed by a team of people who really love their work. We are convinced that this passion is reflected in the furniture we offer – in their shapes, their comfort, and the proposed solutions. We create furniture that we would like to own ourselves; ones on which we would like to relax. While designing our collections, we always make aesthetics our top priority. Another top priority is comfort. Yes, we are aware that it is uncommon to have two top priorities. But we do. Therefore in the design process we uncompromisingly focus on making the two inseparable. This is exactly what we offer. Beautiful, comfortable furniture. Furniture we would like ourselves to have at home and relax on. Welcome to our world.

Firstly, the appearance. This comes first, because the aesthetics of furniture is what we all pay attention to at the beginning. A piece of furniture must be attractive to encourage us to sit on it, to show our interest. This is why we attach great importance to design. We follow the latest trends, but we also listen to what our Customers say. We add a touch of Bizzarto to each object. This translates into truly diverse collections among which practically everybody can find their favourite one. We take care to develop designs that never come out of fashion. Designs with which you will want to live for long years, always remaining in love with them. We also know how important upholstery fabrics are. They determine the final appearance of your furniture. Our portfolio includes materials from the world’s best manufacturers and suppliers, with a huge variety of patterns, colours and textures. Both classic and a little crazy ones. Many of those are resistant to dirt, with finish surfaces making them very easy to clean. They are perfect for families with children and pets. A truly mesmerizing abundance of fabrics!

nowoczesne fotele

Secondly, comfort. What good is a beautiful furniture item, if it is difficult to sit on, let alone rest? Our philosophy is to offer you comfort. This is why – while designing new collections – our Design Department and the Technology Department spend much time on ensuring the right backrest profile, selecting the right components for seats and backrests, finding interesting solutions to improve functionality and increase the feeling of comfort. We cater for tall users – this is why our portfolio includes collections with deeper seats. We also remember about shorter Customers – hence the furniture options with adjustable seat depth. If you want to find a solution for yourself, just sit down and relax.

Thirdly, functionality. Most Bizzarto collections are modular. Each collection comprises many items with different sizes. This means that you can create arrangements with sizes and shapes adapted to the needs and requirements of your family, to the lifestyle of household members, as well as to the size of the rooms in which the furniture is to be placed. There are collections with a sleeping function and bedding storage, as well as those whose only purpose is to ensure relaxation.