If you have a beautiful garden, either a terrace or a large balcony, you probably want beautiful garden furniture there too. The Bizzarto upholstered furniture collections you find here are absolutely unique. This furniture looks and feels like living room furniture, but is 100% for outdoor use. Made with technology that makes them stand outside all year round. 365 days. Whatever the weather. No need to hide them from the rain or for the winter season. Our modular collections, sofas, armchairs and corner sofas are durable, weather-resistant. They are not afraid of water (rain, snow), high and low temperatures (up to -23 degrees Celsius), sharp sunshine. Due to their attractive design and the comfort they offer, you can also use them as normal lounge furniture. This allows you to have the same line of upholstered furniture – finished with the same or different upholstery fabric, in the same or different combination of elements – both in the living room and outside. It gives a very elegant, coherent arrangement effect. Bizzarto garden furniture is made with technology that allows water to flow through the corner, sofa or armchair like a sieve. Therefore, after the rain, a little sunshine is enough to dry out completely and you can sit on them again.

In any case, we recommend the use of special covers, supplied by us together with the furniture, to protect it from, for example, dirt floating in the air and falling with rain or snow, tree pollen, dirt from birds and insects, falling leaves. It takes literally a moment to put on such a cover, just like a photo of it, and thanks to them our sofa or corner sofa is well protected and will serve us in perfect condition for years and regardless of the season. Thanks to the furniture covers we can take advantage of every nice day that comes out of the warm season to sit in our garden. Even if there’s snow around. After it rains, you don’t have to wait until the furniture dries out. The covers are made of high quality fabric, very durable and resistant, for outdoor use, so called breathable – maintaining proper air circulation. Fabrics used by us for upholstered furniture upholstery are supplied to us by the best manufacturers in the world. These are materials like those used in the marine industry – on exclusive boats, yachts. They are particularly resistant to unfavourable weather conditions, including water, temperature amplitudes and strong UV rays. They don’t fade. They are characterized by high durability. They are very easy to clean – just water is enough to wash away even the most difficult dirt. What is more, they are available in a very wide range of different designs and colours. Outdoor upholstery fabrics are easy to keep clean, you can wash away chocolate and red wine stains with water, but remember to do so as soon as the dirt appears.

Our leisure furniture of indor&outdoor type, i. e. for interiors and gardens, has frames made of stainless aluminium. All fittings are protected against rust. Special "drift”; type foams for outdoor use, used on seats and backrests, through which water flows like a sieve ("watergoesthru”; technology), have antibacterial and antifungal protection. This makes them particularly safe for allergy sufferers. Most of the upholstered garden furniture collections are modular models that will allow you to perfectly match the size and shape of furniture to your needs. The elements can be freely combined. What’s more, they’re not permanently connected. At any time during the use of the furniture, you can change the setting of the furniture to suit your needs. For example, a 2-seater sofa can become two armchairs. Sometimes this kind of corner piece can make us more comfortable to talk when we invite bigger company. It is also a positive challenge for people who like to change their arrangements frequently. Their resting kit can change its appearance from time to time, easily, at no cost. It is worth knowing that Bizzarto garden leisure furniture is made exclusively from the highest quality components designed for outdoor use. This way you can be sure that your furniture will serve you long and comfortably.