All upholstered, resting and garden? Indeed! Although they look like they were taken straight out of the living room, corner sofas, armchairs and pouffes Ibiza is a collection of furniture for the garden, terrace and patio. The corner consists of two independent, not permanently connected elements. When we get tired of the corner position, or when we invite guests, it can easily be turned into 2 sofas/seasons. Just spread out both parts. The elements of the collection are finished with a material on each side, so when you move it apart or change sides, both elements look elegant.


Garden furniture - "water goes thru" technology


Although our leisure furniture is easy to keep clean and not terrified of bad weather, we recommend the use of special covers that we provide with the furniture. Covers will protect your furniture from airborne contaminants (e. g. (soot) and falling with rain or snow, tree pollen, dirt from birds and insects, falling leaves. It takes literally a moment to put on and take off the cover, and thanks to them the upholstered corner will be well protected and in perfect condition will enjoy your eyes for many years, regardless of the season. Thanks to the furniture covers, you can take advantage of every nice day, even in autumn or winter, to indulge in blissful laziness in your garden. Even if there's snow around.

After it rains, you don't have to wait until the furniture dries out. The covers are made of high quality fabric, very durable and resistant, for outdoor use. It is a breathing material that maintains proper air circulation.

Bizzarto garden leisure furniture is made exclusively from the highest quality components designed for outdoor use. This way you can be sure that your furniture will serve you long and comfortably.

Ibiza is a collection of waterproof, weatherproof garden furniture that can stand outside all year round. Both in full sunshine and when it rains or even snows. After the rain, just wipe the corner with a dry cloth to sit on it again. It can withstand high and low temperatures (up to -23 degrees Celsius). You don't have to think about where to hide it for the winter - it can stay outside.

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When deciding on the Ibiza collection, whether in the corner or sofa version, it is also worthwhile to decide on a pouffe. It is not only an extra seat, but you can also push it to the seat, lengthening it. You can then very comfortably put your legs down.
The pouffe can also be used as a table (attention! If you want to put a warm cup or plate on it, it is necessary to put a stand or a tray on it - the heat can destroy the upholstery material).

You can choose the type of fabric for your upholstered furniture from a wide range of colour samples, shades and patterns, both very intensive and applied. Their distributors are world-class manufacturers of materials for outdoor use.

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It's a collection that's waterproof. The materials we use to finish it are completely waterproof and the stitching is protected similarly to rainwear - water has no chance to penetrate. In addition, to make sure your furniture will serve you for years to come, the foams we use in creating this collection have antibacterial and antifungal protection. In order to prevent the liquid from collecting on the furniture, we have used special invisible drains, which allow water to run off freely. They are between the sides and seats and between the seats and backrests.

The furniture frame is made of high density polystyrene foam - very resistant to deformation. The legs of this piece of furniture are made of aluminium, which does not give in to rust by nature, and all fittings are protected against corrosion.

For our garden furniture we use only the highest quality fabrics for outdoor use. This type of material is used in the marine industry - on boats and yachts. Very resistant to sunlight (they don't fade), to temperature amplitudes, they are protected against fungus and bacteria. Robust and extremely easy to clean. With water you can remove stains even from red wine or greasy chocolate. It is only important to do this as soon as the dirt is fresh.

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