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meble do salonu - kolekcja Valentino


living room furniture

Genuinely like a movie star. Elegant, beautiful, perfected in every detail - the form, and the compelling side view... It also seduces the users with exquisite comfort. The high, profiled, slightly inclined backrest provides a perfect support for one's back. You can also rest your head on it to enjoy an even deeper feeling of pleasant relaxation. Individual modules of the collection can be arranged together to form exactly the shape that is needed. The Valentino collection is perfectly complemented by Viva armchair.

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High, profiled, slightly inclined backrest supports the back perfectly. The head can be rested on it pleasantly - it will deepen the feeling of pleasant relaxation. It's a real leisure piece of furniture. The modules of the collection can be freely combined, in a shape exactly as you need it.

The ideal complement to the Valentino collection is the Viva armchair.