The silvery legs add life to the furniture body. Their slightly asymmetrical arrangement emphasizes the modern form. The geometric backrest divisions add a distinct character to the item. The low backrest allows creating attractive arrangements that are not overwhelming. Adjustable headrests increase the comfort of relaxation. Some other advantages of this collection include modular design that allows individual elements of the collection to be freely combined, with furniture shape and size adjusted to the needs, as well as sleeping function and bedding storage.

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Barolo is a modular collection. The elements that make up it can be used to create a leisure furniture perfectly suited to your requirements - a corner sofa or sofa of the size you need.

Sofa modułowa Barolo - Bizzarto Meble do salonu - sofa marki Bizzarto - funkcja relaks Sofa z funkcją spania -Bizzarto Sofa modułowa Barolo - Bizzarto Meble do salonu - Sofa z zagłówkami - Barolo- Bizzarto

Living room furniture

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