Slide Bizzarto Showroom Poznań Our brand was created out of love for design. Yeah, we know how that sounds. But it's true. Bizzarto upholstered furniture collections form a team that really loves its work. We are convinced that this passion can be seen in the furniture we offer you. In the shapes of sofas, corners, armchairs, their comfort, proposed solutions. We create furniture that we would like to have ourselves, and on which we would like to relax. Bizzarto Showroom Poznań

First of all, the look. First of all, because the look of furniture is what we all pay attention to first. We need to like the corner or the sofa so that we can sit on them and take an interest in them. That is why we attach great importance to design. We follow trends, but also listen to what our customers say. To the whole we add Bizzarto scratch. The result is a collection of lounge furniture, among which almost everyone will find their favourite. We take care to create patterns that do not go out of fashion. You will want to live with them for years and love them all the time. We also know how important upholstery fabrics are. The final look of your furniture depends on them. In our offer we have propositions of materials from the best world producers and suppliers, in a huge number of patterns, colours and textures. Classic, as well as a little bit crazy. Many of them are dirt resistant and have finishes that make them very easy to clean. Ideal for families who love children and pets. Real fabric dizziness!

Bizzarto Fotel Hamilton

Secondly, comfort. What about a piece of furniture that looks beautiful but is hard to sit on? Not to mention the rest. Our philosophy is to offer you comfort. That is why our Design Department and Technology Department devote a lot of time during the design of new collections to the proper profiling of backrests, the selection of appropriate components of seats and backrests, finding interesting solutions that improve functionality and increase the sense of comfort. We take care of higher ones, that's why our offer includes collections with deeper seats. We remember about the lower ones - hence the furniture proposals with adjustable seat depth. If you want to find an offer for yourself, just sit back and relax.

Sofa Plain - living room furniture - Bizzarto

Thirdly, functionality. Most of the Bizzarto collections are modular. Each collection consists of many elements of different sizes. This means that they can be used to create combinations - corners, sofas - of sizes and shapes tailored to the needs and requirements of the family, the lifestyle of the household members, and the size of the rooms in which the furniture is to be placed. There are collections that have a sleeping function and containers for bedding, as well as those that have a purely leisure function.

Sofa Valentino - Bizzarto

All OUTDOOR leisure upholstered furniture from our offer is made in technology that makes it possible to stand outside all year round. Water goes thru"; technology - water flows through them like a sieve. This means that shortly after the rain has stopped, you can sit on them again. The construction of furniture and components used in their production make them resistant to weather conditions - rain, snow, UV rays, high and low temperatures. The fabrics for these collections we have only from the best world companies, specializing in the production of fabrics for external use. Apart from their attractive appearance and high durability, they are very easy to clean - dirt does not penetrate into the fabric, so they can be washed with water. Regardless of all the advantages that make our collections last 365 days in the garden, they are also perfect for interiors. Their design and the comfort they offer will make them look beautiful in any modern living room or, for example, in a winter garden.


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