Neo collection


An offer for enthusiasts of visually massive furniture. No unnecessary decorations. However, please note the asymmetrical sides, and the shape of backrest cushions overlapping with the sides. Neo is rather a large piece of furniture, requiring a little more space. It likes smooth fabrics, but also goes well with patterned materials. The modules can be set apart at any time, to change their arrangement.

Neo – Elements of the collection


ELE-1 – 1-seater element, no side panels
ELE-1-BL – 1-seater element, left side panel
ELE-1-BP – 1-seater element, right side panel
ELE-SZL-BL – Element – chaise longue, left side panel
ELE-SZL-BP – Element – chaise longue, right side panel
ELE-P – Tuffet

Neo – Exemplary set-ups


ELE-1 – 1-seater element, no side panels
ELE-1-BL – 1-seater element, left side panel
ELE-1-BP – 1-seater element, right side panel
ELE-SZL-BP – Element – chaise longue, right side panel